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Learn About Kunai from Naruto Anime

Kunai is the most common type of throwing and assault weapons in the world of Ninja. It is so widely used in Naruto, a lot of ninjas have personalized Kunai. Some of the popular types of Naruto Kunai include the Yondaime Minato's Kunai, and Asuma's Chakra Kunai


Historically, Kunai was usually made of soft Iron. Their main purpose is to poke, stab, and are not kept relative as sharp as a normal knife, as most of them are used to cut a bit of softwood or just dig some holes. 

But the Naruto Kunai are not necessarily made of Iron. There are a lot of different varieties of Kunai that are used for different purposes. And the most popular material used for Kunai, seems to be metal, and even in these metal Kunai there are a ton of different types. 

Like Asuma's Kunai is not only custom-designed for him, but they are also made up of special metal that can be infused with Chakra and will take on the characteristics of that specific user's Chakra. 

Normal metal Kunai in Naruto can also be strengthened with Chakra, and although, are not as potent, they can even slice up rocks like butter or cut through other softer metals. 

Using Kunai as Weapon:

There are a lot of different types of Kunai in Naruto. Let it be simple metal Kunai or special grade Kunai like Asuma's or even specially designed Kunai like explosive Kunai is designed to explode on contact, can be thrown, used as a normal cutting knife (as long as you don't trigger the explosive mechanism of the Explosive Kunai), or just used to show off your skill as a ninja through special techniques. 

Kunai is an important weapon in any ninja's arsenal, and proficiency in using a Kunai is one of the main factors that is one of the metrics that is used to determine their strength. 

And in Naruto, some of the strongest Ninja's were known for their skills in using a ton of different weapons, but most notably Kunai. 

The Strongest Kunai Users in Naruto: 

One of the most common names that will popup, if you ever talk about the strongest Kunai users in Naruto is Madara Uchiha.  

He is known for his skill in close combat and is revered as one of the strongest Shinobi's to have ever existed in the Naruto verse. 

After Madara, we have Shisui and Itachi. Where although; not much is known how much more skilled Shisui could have gotten, but in their generation, they are considered to be the most skilled Shinobi in all of Konoha and according to some metrics in all the main five Ninja villages. 

But, in the more modern generation, Kakashi and his student Sasuke are revered as the current most skilled Ninjas in all of the 5 villages. 

They are considered to be living legends, known for their skills with weapons, and Kunai at that.

We also have Minato Namikaze, whose defining feature, the speed for which he was known for was because of his exceptional use of the Kunai and Ninjutsu at that.

Nevertheless, despite the uniqueness of the Kunai, the most common metal Kunai used in Naruto is the iconic small black dagger shape that you can check out here.

Naruto kunai have essentially become the face of Ninja's in this day and age, and for a Naruto fan they are the most sought out collectibles of the popular show that you can get right now.

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