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Anbu Black Ops Mask - Seal of Nine-Tailed

Anbu Black Ops Mask - Seal of Nine-Tailed

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The design of this mask is inspired by the seal of Nine-Tails presented in the anime of Naruto. The sealing technique was used by the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, to help Naruto access the Chakra of the Nine-Tails sealed within him.  
  • Durable / Lightweight / Water resistant
  • Hand-painted and completely unique
  • Painted with high quality acrylic paints
  • Complementing elastic strap is included for wearing or decorative hanging
  • Adult size and fit to all headsize
  • Light-up device is removable

Material: PVC

Size: about 23.5cm(Length) x 15.5cm(Width)

**Remark: This is the modified version, the size is bigger. 

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